1. Arlene mccallum

    I cannot wait my lovely , please can you add the video of the “shit on the carpet” moment as i nearly shit myself laughing at it xxxxx

    • liesapenman

      I absolutely will add the ‘shit’ video. Other people need to know what they’re getting into! x

  2. Lesley Bowen

    I’ve missed your writing! I remember those sad days and can’t begin to imagine how you feel now. Love you to bits! Xxx

  3. Yes Mommy . . . tell it like it is . . . wait to you get to the teen years . . . you really are going to have a lot to write about . . . I can’t wait! 😉

    • liesapenman

      I had the twins so late in life, there is a real possibility that I’ll be dead by the time they reach their teens. Phew! No need to save for double college funds.

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