1. Jade

    Show me someone who is actually “breezing” and I’ll show you that they have slipped into the delusional state!
    To parent is to care just how bad your effing up on a daily if not hourly basis. If no one dies or goes hungry then I consider that my baseline for success.
    Love you Liesa and I’m so pleased you are on this emotional nightmare journey of motherhood

  2. Arlene Mccallum

    Another great read my lovely liesa , and you are totally cracking this parenthood job xxxxx

  3. Ally

    Everyone makes it up as they go along. If I had a shower and they didn’t die that was a good day. I still wish they came with a handbook and I didn’t have twins. Respect for you lady!!! Ps they are gorgeous, well behaved total darlings.. xx

  4. Amanda Williams

    Never forget this little gem of information Liesa, a child does not remember anything in particular up until the age of 3….and even after then it’s sketchy. Give yourself a break. Joshua went to school purely drawing ‘fireworks’ and the odd rainbow. I felt awful that he wasn’t as prepared/trained as my first born or as precise as Thomas…. Turns out within 6 months of school he and Thomas had completed reception and have pretty much finished ks1 maths, half way through year one reading and wrote postcards home this week. I absolutely allowed myself to just enjoy them, have no expectations (due to prematurity) and even more so now on their epilepsy journey but hek… They do so much for themselves. You’re doing brill xx

  5. Ha! Breeze through . . . it’s only a breeze when you look back on the pictures! Thank God we don’t have a device that would make you feel how you actually felt during those lovely moments . . . well except for all the heart-melting moments! You rock!

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